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By admin May4,2020
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Compared to other times of the month, most women say they experience amazing sex during their periods. Some men are not fans of period sex. However, it’s an experience worth exploring. In fact, there is so much more to period sex than just traditional vaginal penetration. If you want to try it or already engaging in period sex, here are tips to enable you make the experience amazing:

Embrace Menstruation Flow in Your Woman

To every reproductive woman, menstruation is a normal and natural occurrence that shows she is alive and whole. In fact, the discharge of menstruation from a woman every month ensures proper cleansing of her body. This leaves her healthy and happy. Failing to make love to your woman during her period shows that you don’t accept her as she is.

Period Sex is an Opportunity for New Sexual Experiences

Period sex is not just about penetrating the vagina. It’s also an ample opportunity to explore new and interesting sexual experiences with your partner. In addition to vaginal penetration, there are other experiences that you can try out to make your moments truly magical. They include oral sex, energetic orgasm, mutual masturbation, and anal play among others. If scared of getting messed up by menstrual blood, try to have sex in the shower so that the discharge can easily be washed away.

Just Do It!

Having sex with your woman or las vegas call girls when she is experiencing periods is not a taboo. Besides, you only have one another to please. Therefore, if you both want it, why not simply get dirty. In fact, digging deeper into her with all the blood could only make the experience more remarkable. In case you decide to rock her during menstruation, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, making love in the shower will be a great experience if your partner is a little scared of the blood. When making love to a woman during her periods, have a couple of clean towels around. Some can be placed on the bed while others can be used to wipe up the overflow while having sex.

Generally, having sex during periods can be a great experience. However, follow these tips and be confident. Focus on enjoying the experience and clear your mind of all the myths and taboos you have heard about period sex. This will enable you to enjoy a truly magical and unforgettable experience.

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